Are you asking why you should consider taking an online Trauma-Informed counseling education class? There are many reasons for completing your counseling education online. Let’s face it. Today, most people are so busy with all that life throws at them that there is just not enough time in the world for attending live counseling education programs. How many busy counseling professionals can take time away from their job or their practice for up to 24 hours every couple of years? Add to that the time and expense it takes to commute to a live program. If you are seeking specialized training, you usually have to travel a great distance to get the experts in your specialty. Sometimes the counseling education you want and need is not available when you need it. If you are like me and most of my colleagues, you wait until the last minute to do your counseling education and there may or may not be anything of interest available. The other online counseling education companies have few, if any, trauma-informed courses available. We have the latest books by the recognized experts that you can read at your convenience. Once you finish your reading, log back in, take the quiz and print out your counseling education certificate. It’s fast, easy and convenient. You don’t have to sacrifice the training you want over the training you can get when you need it.

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