Most people assume that once a counselor has completed their education and become licensed, that is the “end” and that no more learning or education is required. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is critical that counseling professionals maintain and continue their ongoing education and keep current on what’s going on in the field.

Changes in research and therapeutic techniques are being published daily. The amount of new information coming out regarding advances in neuroscience that apply to counseling and therapy is astounding. This requires a high level of time management and dedication to improve oneself in addition to spending most of the day at work. Of course this is much easier said than done.

Many counseling professionals regularly subscribe to periodicals and magazines to keep up to date with their ongoing education. Counselors are encouraged to go through the relevant published journals on a regular basis. Many agencies provide monthly luncheons or brown bags where counselors can get an hour or 2 of CEs, but most counseling professionals have to seek these out on their own, and counselors in private practice have to get very creative about finding CEs.

Once you have completed your CEs, you also need to keep track of your training with documentation detailing all the training and education received throughout your counseling career. This written record serves as a method of organizing in an orderly manner, all the continuing education you have undertaken.  Although most licensing bodies use the honor system when it’s renewal time, they still require documentation of training and can audit your records at any time.

Admittedly, there exists a challenge with regards to access to this education for counseling professionals, namely the expense, since counseling and social work is still not considered to be among the better-paid professions.

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