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Systemic Treatment of Families Who AbuseTarget audience: Social Workers, Psychologists, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors

Hours: 7

Course Description:

A direct, informed approach involving all family members.

An invaluable guide for enhancing your skills when working with families in which child abuse has occurred. Systemic Treatment of Families Who Abuse addresses both the symptoms and precipitating issues of child abuse and neglect, and also

* offers new ideas for effective treatment
* identifies the conditions that are often present when child abuse occurs
* outlines the protective factors that can counteract a person’s tendency toward child abuse

The author discusses how the treatment of child abuse differs from generic treatment, and stresses the necessity for systemic interventions for everyone: abusers, abused, and nonabused family members.

Course Syllabus:

Course Format

TThis course contains a link to the book on Amazon and a test. When you’re ready, purchase the course by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. Once you have read the materials, login and go to “My Profile” to take the quiz and print your certificate for CE credits. A minimum score of 80% is required on the exam in order to be accepted by most state and national boards.


Readers will learn:

What makes child abuse treatment unique?

What is involved with assessment of families who abuse?

What are principles of treatment?

How can family readiness for reunification be assessed?

What can be learned from treatment failures?

In addition, the book contains the instrument:

Checklist for the reunification of incestuous families (by Monica Roizner-Hayes)

Required Reading/Course Materials: