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This course contains a copy of the power point slide show, a copy of the 45-page manual, a test, and a study guide. When you’re ready, purchase the course by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. Log in to your course, read the materials and do the writing exercises. Once you have completed the materials, login and go to “My Profile” to take the quiz and print your certificate for CE credits. A minimum score of 80% is required on the exam in order to be accepted by most state and national boards.


Course Description, Hours: 5 CEs

This course has 2 parts.
Part 1 is a slideshow from a 2018 presentation by Erica Pouncie M.Ed., LPC, LCDCI, CBT
Part 2 is a 45-page resource manual from Best Start Resource Centre, 2012

This manual for service providers explores burnout, vicarious trauma, and secondary trauma. Topics include: definitions, the biology of stress and trauma, signs and symptoms, risk factors, protective factors, resilience and self-care, reflective practice and taking action.

1. Explore the ethical responsibility and professional obligation for professional counselors to maintain self-care.

2. Learn how to recognize as professionals when self-care is needed and understanding this does not mean we are being selfish.

3. Learn how to support each other in order to stimulate self-care, empowerment, and growth to take time out for self within our profession.

4. Develop an action plan for self-care.

Powerpoint slide and manual