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Traumatic experiences leave a “living legacy” of effects that often persist for years and decades after the events are over. Historically, it has always been assumed that re-telling the story of what happened would resolve these effects.

However, survivors report a different experience: Telling and re-telling the story of what happened to them often reactivates their trauma responses, overwhelming them rather than resolving the trauma. To transform traumatic experiences, survivors need to understand their symptoms and reactions as normal responses to abnormal events. They need ways to work with the symptoms that intrude on their daily activities, preventing a life beyond trauma.

Dr. Janina Fisher, international expert on trauma, has spent over 40 years working with survivors, helping them to navigate their journey. In Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma, she shows how the legacy of symptoms helped them survive and offers:

  • Step-by-step strategies that can be used on their own or in collaboration with a therapist
  • Simple diagrams that make sense of the confusing feelings and physical reactions survivors experience
  • Worksheets to practice the skills that bring relief and ultimately rejuvenation


The participant will be able to identify or demonstrate familiarity with techniques and skills to:

  1. Break down trust barriers with clients so they feel seen, heard, and validated
  2. Help clients experience themselves as ingenious survivors instead of humiliated victims
  3. Make it easier to believe they can recover, without having to explore all the details and reexperience the crushing emotions
  4. Help clients understand the baffling and intense reactions that plague them, often for years, so they don’t feel so “wrong”