CE: 30 hours of social work continuing education during the two-year period ending on the last day of the biennial renewal cycle, including:

2 hours on the prevention of medical errors
3 hours relating to professional ethics and boundary issues
A 2-hour course on domestic violence must be completed within six months of intial licensure and every third biennum renewal thereafter (included in the 25 general hours)
3 hours on laws and rules must be completed every third biennum after initial licensure (included in the 25 general hours)

First Biennium Renewal:   Practitioners initially licensed and renewing a license for the first time are exempt from completing continuing education.

State laws can change. Practitioners are responsible for determining their state’s licensure requirements. To view your state’s continuing education regulations, click the link below.

For more information visit The Florida Board of Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy & Mental Counseling