36 hours every two years; a minimum of six hours must be in professional ethics and law.

6 hours of training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management every six years. RCW 43.70.442.

Social workers must renew their license every year on or before their birthday. Thirty-six hours of continuing education (CE) with six hours in law and ethics, is due every two years. Social workers are required to submit the appropriate fee, renewal card and an affidavit of compliance with the continuing education requirement.

The law limits practitioners to 26 hours of distance learning programs per reporting period. Content for the professional ethics and law may include topics under RCW 18.130.180. Beginning January 1, 2014, at least once every six years a social worker must complete at least six hours of training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management.

State laws can change. Practitioners are responsible for determining their state’s licensure requirements. To view your state’s continuing education regulations, click the link below.

For more information visit the Washington State Department of Health